Riddhi Patel Doshi

Riddhi Patel Doshi Smart Savvy Mother, an Entrepreneur, an Independent Professional Trainer, a Very Soft Spoken Soft Skills Trainer, a Visiting Faculty, a Child Psychologist, a Graphologist, a Company Director

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A Smart Savvy Mother, an Entrepreneur, an Independent Professional Trainer, a Very Soft Spoken Soft Skills Trainer, a Visiting Faculty, a Child Psychologist, a Graphologist, a Company Director and many more.  Lets Welcome Ms Riddhi Doshi; a Proud Gujarathi by birth and a Cosmopolitan Mumbaite by right.

Riddhi  has been in Vocational Training and Business for many years. As a Child Psychologist, Riddhi loves Children who interact and understand. She led orientation and Counseling Programs for Students and Training workshops for women and children.
She runs her own training company, Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd, and has had the privilege of Attending Training Programs at IIM A and other prestigious Educational Institutions and many Companies across the Country.
It was after the birth of her son that she stopped. However, the label "Woman at Work" has never left her. When her son was little, she realized that if, the mothers, had the choice to make fresh fruit juice and give it to their children at home; they had no control over the quality of the fresh fruit juices available in the markets. That's when she decided to make and market- Riddhi Fresh, Natural, Organic, Vitamin-Rich and Healthy Fruit Juices. This is how the Gazebo was born on non-alcoholic cocktails! All TMG Non-Alcoholic Cocktails are made with fresh "Farm-Picked" fruit and food-grade ingredients with unparalleled passion, making it a great start to any memorable event.
Riddhi  is also the Director of Mompreneurs India and she believes in this Business Community of like-minded mothers. She is here to empathize, Encourage, Educate, Emancipate and help many Women in Business.

NameRiddhi Doshi Patel
Education: MBA (HRD), LL.M; Certified Professional Trainer London; Certified Personality Enhancement Instructor from NMIMS, Mumbai; Certified Child Psychologist; Certified Body Language Instructor from BSY University, London; Certified NLP Trainer; Certified Graphologist from International Graphology Association (IGA), London; Certified Dance Movement Therapist from Tata Institute of Social (TISS); Certified Art Therapist and TEDx speaker for consecutive 3 years .
WhatsApp No: +919619439949
• Please walk us through your company profile and your services
I am the Founder & Director of Rhhyns Academy Pvt Ltd. a training academy focused on Performance Skills Enhancement, specializes in helping in updating, upgrading and enhancing the skills of children, youth, women and men. The institute has a holistic approach towards training and believes in understanding the individual’s needs and current skills before drawing out a well-designed training plan. From soft skills training, to wellness programs, to leadership sessions, to vocational skills. Under the Rhhyns umbrella we also run unique and special programs called LAJA, which provides an exclusive and non-judge mental space to women to be themselves, upgrade their skills and become better versions of themselves.
Under LAJA; we run Monthly Meets, Hobby Skills Workshops, Vocational Skills Workshops, Online and Offline Expert Talks, Experiential Learning Outbound Activities and an Annual Conclave all focused helping women acknowledge, upgrade, update and self-empower themselves.  
Rhhyns also runs an exclusive and the first ever Ted-Ed program for children in Mumbai called Rhyns Ted-Ed. The program focusses on helping children as young as 8 and as old as 13 conceptualize, ideate, research, debate and present their thoughts to the public on the Ted-Ed Platform. Rhyns Ted-Ed also runs programs in International Schools, nurturing, polishing and hoping talented young students to become Influencing Ted Speakers.
Rhhyns Academy also runs a Parenting Expert segment called Parents Tales where Parenting Advice/tips are shared on a regular basis by Riddhi Doshi Patel, the Child Psychologist, Behavioral Coach and Parents Coach. Under Parents Tales, we also conduct monthly Parenting Sessions for parents with children aged between 0 to 10 years where Parents get to meet with and interact with Parenting Experts, Coaches, Psychologists, Nutritionists and more. 

• How do you feel you are different from your competitors?
We are different from our competitors because we have a more ‘Humane’ approach to our programs and our workshops. We interact with our participants on a one-to-one basis, connect with them, give them our time and an ear (which is what most people are seeking now), listen to them, help them find solutions to their problems and basically become their surrogate BFFs.
When we plan workshops, Expert Talks or Coffee Meets with experts for our women; we ensure that we pick up topics that are current and relevant. Our women get to learn something new, something in detail and something that will benefit them in their daily lives. Many of our LAJA women go on to become lifelong loyalists and contribute wholeheartedly without expecting any monitory gains. The same works for the young students who attend Rhhyns Academy workshops. They continue attending, contributing and volunteering for Rhhyns Academy workshops even after their programs end, and this is a perfect testimonial of our connection with our participants and what makes us different from other competitors.
• Did you see any transformation happening for startups, over the years in your field?
Oh yes. Startups are evolving and changing their strategies since the past couple of years. Now its not just about what all you can or just about ‘What All’ you can do, but about ‘What your USP is’. In the field of Training, companies are now focused more on interactive, activity-based learning, unlike the earlier classroom-based workshops. Similarly, when you speak about Women’s empowerment communities or forums then the focus is now on not just celebrating powerful women but also recognizing and awarding them. We are in an age of ‘Screaming from the rooftops’!  
• Did everything come easy, or you have your story of struggle?
Nothing comes easy in life. However, what I have learnt over time is that the best ideas come after a struggle. You get to finetune and upgrade your skills and thus your services only when you face challenges and struggles. Your first idea is not necessarily your best.
Rome was after all not built in a day!!
• What kind of clients do you serve, any special mentions?
We have all kinds of clients. For our children’s segment we have programs for 3 to 6-year old, 7 to 10-year old, 11 to 14-year old, 15 to 18-year old and 19 to 24-year old. In the Adults segments, we have programs exclusively for women, programs for men and women, in Corporate or individually and finally for Parenting segment we have programs for Parents of children aged between 0 to 6 years.
Each client and each program or workshop is special to us. From each workshop we learn just as much as our participants do. We each have enough “Takeaways” to implement in our next program.
• How do you ensure unbreakable faith of clients in your company?
Like I mentioned earlier, our USP is our Connect with our participants. Over 50% of our participants come back to us for our other segments at some point or the other. We deliver exactly what we promise. Additionally, we give our participants the opportunity to become stakeholders (so to say) too in our programs by helping us implement their strategies or suggestions at a later program.
Our PR is plain word of mouth and we are proud of the fact that our participants actually connect and bond with us.
• How do you keep pace with the changing market trends?
Like anyone else, we keep updating and upgrading ourselves throughout the year. We also tie-up with skilled Subject Matter Experts for special sessions or programs. Additionally, since Innovation is the mother of all necessities; we keep innovating and reinventing ourselves ever so often. Our trainers regularly attend workshops and training sessions conducted by National and International Coaches too. 
• Do you believe R&D is essential for the growth of the company?
R&D is essential for the growth of any business or company. Knowing how to improve yourself, presentation, program and content is just as important as improving your skills. It is also important to be aware of your competition and try and be better than them at delivering a power packed workshop.
• Do you still come back to work with the same zeal, like you did when you started?
Absolutely. My work is my passion and vice versa. On the contrary I believe; my enthusiasm and zeal has gone up a notch with the years of experience I have gathered and the team that I have built up.
• In terms of your market, what do you feel the future holds for entrepreneurs?
I see a future where jobs and employment will be sparse. Becoming an Entrepreneur is the right thing to do and coming upto speed is what’s important if you one needs to sustain oneself in this competitive world. With so many freebies and sanctions in place for Startups, this is the time to make hay while the sun shines.
• How necessary do you feel is it to keep your employees content, how do you ensure it?
For starters, my company runs because of a team and not employees. We are all equal stakeholders in the deliberation, decision making, execution and success of any program run under any of the brands. Enough time and effort are given towards the development and upgradation of the entire team including me. We don’t believe in micro management and once a task has been given to one team member, that member is the whole and sole of that task. This makes everyone accountable, responsible and develop a sense of ownership and this is the key to the smooth running of an organization.
• Who is your role model in business/entrepreneurial world and what have you learnt from the person?
My Father, Ajay Doshi, is my biggest source of inspiration and my Role Model too. From him I have learnt about passion, dedication, commitment, focus and conviction. From him I have learnt that nothing can be taken for granted and the one thing that will take you far is the good will you earn. From him I have learnt that there are no short cuts to success and only team work and a focused approach to any task will bring laurels. From him I have learnt not to take my triumph to my head and to use them only to set higher and larger goals for myself.
• How are you giving back to society (CSR, if any)? reen
We regularly run donation camps and collect material from all our members and hand them over to an NGO. We also conduct workshops and training camps for under privileged children. We have been regularly sending medical and essential supplies to the flood ravaged cities across India these past two monsoon seasons. Other than that, we collectively do as much and whenever possible.
• Apart from work, what else does you like to spend your time doing?
I am an avid traveler and love the outdoors. So, when I’m not busy with my training schedules, I try and head out of the city to explore new cities or spaces. I also love playing with an interacting with my 8-year-old son and learning all about how the children of today think. I love driving and go on long drives when I need to clear my mind or get rid of my frustration. I also meditate and use Movement to self-express and release my tension.
• How do you see the initiatives of present government with respect to your industry? Have they helped you in any sense?
The current PM is bringing in lots of incentives and schemes for women and young entrepreneurs. While I have not personally made use of these schemes; but I am planning to apply for one of the schemes that will help me realize one of the initiatives I have for my women at LAJA.
• What are the achievements and milestones of the company You work for?
Personally, I believe hat we achieve and the milestones we cross are precedence to what we need to do more. Nonetheless, I am listing down some of our achievements
                     Invited as speaker on the TEDx Platform thrice
                     National Award for Cultural Activities
                     Young Entrepreneurs Award
                     “Notable Network Award’ in Recognition of Outstanding Performance by BNI Infinite
                     Hastakshar #Self Made Divas Award
                     Awarded the Speaker Trophy at the Vvennus Club
                     Interview in EW – Education World
                     Featured by Herexpertise.com as a Woman of Substance
                     Featured by City Women Magazine on International Woman's Day
                     Live conversation on 'How to Calm my mind' with Suchi Deshpande, A Happiness Strategist, Laughter Coach and LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassador, Singapore 
                     Interviewed by Brand India Magazine in the April/May 2018 ‘Women 3.0’ issue
                     Interviewed by #AspiringShe.
                     Top 100 Woman Achievers Listing by #AspiringShe
YODHAA is another startup founded by me. As yet, the launch isn’t done. Soon to be done with a youth conclave

Connect with Riddhi over LinkedIn the link is :

1..Founder Director
    Rhhyns Academy
     Pvt Ltd

Rhhyns  LinkedIn profile link is  :

2.. Founder  Parent-Tales

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