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Airline Pilots to obtain your EASA ATPL in India

Enhanced Your Pilot's Career with  EASA - ATPL Get your EASA - ATPL in ICAO states Calling all Airline Pilots to obtain your EASA ATPL in India and complete all your 14 subjects examination In-house without travelling to Europe Just in 30 Days. Airline Pilots with ICAO ATPL/CPL with  below requirements are eligible to convert to EASA ATPL
Medical EASA Class 1 / Total Time - 1,500 hrs / IF – 75 hrs/ Night - 100 hrs/ Multi Crew - 500 hrs / PICUS - 500 hrs (or 250 hrs PIC /PICUS) / Cross Country - 200 hrs (100 hrs PIC) 

Investment $ 9500 USD/ each All  inclusive              (Exam Fee, full board Accommodation with meals & Transportation) Course Commencing Date:- 15th July 2017 Course Timings:- Morning Session & Evening Session  Flight Training - There is no flight Training required! Skill test - On a MPA Aircraft (Where you are holding a valid ICAO-Rating) the skill test can also be done on a FFS with the EASA Examiner).