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Lt. Commander Bidisha Pandey (07078-K) is a gold medalist in B.Tech - Electronics and Telecommunication, from Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering and Management (AITEM). AITEM is a premier institute of Amity university which is dedicated to training and education in the field of telecommunication.

Armed with the domain knowledge, Lt Cdr Bidisha Pandey got commissioned into the Indian Navy as a Logistics officer (Supply Chain Management Officer) in junior management level (Sub-Lieutenant)  on 04 Jul 11. To hone her skills further, she underwent basic training at the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala and thereafter undertook specialisation training in Logistics at INS Hamla, Mumbai and quickly rose to the ‘mid’ management level.

As a mid-level manager (Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander), the officer performed the arduous duty of Assistant Logistics Officer, INS Eksila, with alacrity and dedication. The officer handled logistics issues such as pay and allowances, clothing and victualing for the sailors, borne in the unit. She also carried out duties of Assistant Secretary, Naval Officers’ Institute (NOI), Vishakhapatnam having membership of more than 1500 officers posted within the station. The officer was instrumental in organising and anchoring various social events for the officer families including various naval events of significant importance and stature.
As the officer garnered experience in service, she was assigned greater responsibilities and roles. This time, as Assistant Logistics Officer, INS Circars, Vishakhapatnam; being the depot establishment of Eastern Naval Command, responsible for providing Administrative and Logistics support to 52 additional units.  The officer performed her duties with utmost professionalism and zest. The officer is intrinsically gifted and abides to the code of ‘Duty-Honour and Courage’ in all tasks she performs. She has exhibited par excellence leadership styles in the administration and management  of ‘Command Clothing Centre’, catering to requirements of approximately 5000 service personnel. Her scrupulous nature, methodical and  thinking mind, eye for detail, and maturity of managing inter-personal relations is worthy of mention and best seen through the positive approach in handling of  pay disbursement and passage requirements of approximately 2500 sailors and 400 defence civilians. The officer is self-motivated, appreciated and admired for her meticulous planning, impartial behaviour, methodical and precise execution of various tasks, by her peers and seniors.

Lt. Commander Bidisha Pandey has displayed a sense of purpose and unabated dedication to the cause of women empowerment. In addition to Logistics duties, the officer was Officer-in-Charge, Regimental State Unit, which involves providing support and welfare of all ex-servicemen and approximately 800 naval widows under Andhra Pradesh area. The officer has contributed immensely in conduct of veteran sailors meeting twice a year which aims at addressing issues faced by naval veterans and widows. The officer has also suggested methods for alternate employment, good health, and importance of education and helped in providing environment / safe spaces for women.
The officer ensured that she excels in outdoor activities and keeps herself healthy and fit. She is always teaming with energy and is a source of inspiration to junior officers. The officer has been leading the Naval Republic Day Contingent for two consecutive years – 2014 and 2015. In 2015, the officer led the first ever naval women marching contingent comprising 144 lady officers from the Indian Navy at Rajpath on 26 Jan 15, as a part of the Nari Shakti initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. US President Barack Obama was the chief guest for the event. She was also the ‘Officer of the Guard’ for International City Parade 2016 on 07 Feb 16 and led the entire parade consisting of naval contingents from various countries, as part of the prestigious International Fleet Review 16, where 24 ships and delegations from 50 foreign navies had participated. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the chief guest for the event.

The officer is passionate and devoted to sailing. With her grit, unwavering optimism coupled with a high degree of sporting talent, the officer represented the Indian Navy as a part of the crew of INSV Mhadei in the iconic Trans-Atlantic inter-continental Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro Ocean Sailing Race 2017. The officer, whilst carrying out her duties in the vessel, as it sailed through the Southern Ocean from Cape Town, South Africa to India faced perilous sea conditions, including sea state 7 with 5 meter high waves and 51 kn winds in a storm for seven days. Despite danger of broaching and capsizing in such heavy seas the officer displayed exceptional bravery and contributed immensely in all engineering as well as logistic activities essential for survival at sea to the best of her abilities in challenging sea conditions. The voyage covering 4800Nm took 33 days, which is the fastest by INSV Mhadei on that route till date. She has been awarded commendation by Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command for the same. She was also invited to be the Guest of Honour for Day of the Seafarer celebrations by National Maritime Day Celebrations Committee.

 Lt. Commander Bidisha Pandey  is currently appointed as Logistics Officer at Sagar Prahari Bal (Mumbai), an organisation that provides seaward coastal security to coastal and naval offshore assets in Mumbai.

In addition to her professional work,  Lt. Commander Bidisha Pandey  is a great Writer and a Blogger who loves to travel. She has her own Blog website namely www.sassyweekender.com where she pens down success stories of military veterans in diverse fields, her personal thoughts on life and her travelogues. She is also a feature writer for Fauji India.



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